Terms of use

Terms of Service (“Terms” hereinafter) prescribed here are applicable to Products and Services (“Service” hereinafter) provided by ICHIE ART LTD (ICHIE hereinafter). These services include but are not limited to products, website features and web-related events hosted by ICHIE. Please read the Terms carefully and by using our Service, you’re agreeing to these Terms and their legal requirements.

1.You must honor and agree to all the rules prescribed in the tourist section to access and use all the services provided by ICHIE. If you are not yet 20 years of age, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use our Service. Please have your parent or legal guardian read these terms with you. By continuing to use the Website, you and your parent or legal guardian are considered to have read, understood and agreed to all the content of the terms, and consented to honor them accordingly.

2.By using the Service, you are considered to have fully understood – and consented to – all the following terms.
You understand that part of the content of the Service is offered by third parties, and that the Service will likely direct you to their service or website. You shall determine for yourself whether to proceed to said service or website, and consent to the terms and rules prescribed by said service or website.
Unless specified otherwise in a written agreement by ICHIE, you understand that these terms do not include an authorization of its branding, taglines, logo, image or text.

3.ICHIE reserves the right to revise these terms and policies. We will publish the updated terms and released a public statement concerning the updates when the revision is made to the rules governing the use of personal information. No individual notice will be given. By continuing to use the Service, you are considered to have understood and agreed to said revision.

4.Member sign-up obligations
When you sign up to become a member, you are considered to have consented to the following terms, to access services offered by the Website:
◆ Please accurately provide your most up-to-date personal information when you follow the prompts of the sign-up. Signing up under the name other than yours is strictly prohibited.
◆ Every member is allowed to sign up for one account only. Duplicate sign-up’s is not allowed.
◆ Please update and renew your personal information periodically to ensure accuracy so as to enjoy the best-possible service.
◆ We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the account, and deny all – or part of – the access to the Service without prior notification if you are found to provide erroneous information, or falsify your personal information, or fail to provide information as instructed, or withhold specifically-required information.
5.To protect your rights, you are asked to honor internet use etiquette. You are asked not to:
◆ Engage in any interfering, invasive behavior, or any misconduct that breaches the internet infrastructure or systems.
◆ Spread any hateful, threatening, suggestive, sexually allusive information, or information that disrupts public security.
◆ Spread any computer virus.
◆ Use any Robotware, or any machinery or electric appliances. You shall forfeit your right to participate in any Website event or use any of the Service feature if you are found to have violated aforesaid rules.

6.You should review the merchandise item count and price affirmation offered by ICHIE when you engage in any transactional activities while using the Service. After placing an order, you would receive a notification email from the system to let you know that the order has been received. Before the transaction status is updated to “order processed,” ICHIE reserves the right to modify or cancel the order.
If you are found to have engaged in any wrongful conduct that hurts ICHIE after using the service, during any business transaction process, we can cancel the transaction or your membership qualification accordingly.
If the product you place an order for fails to be secured for delivery, ICHIE shall notify you via email or phone for a follow-up.
Per the prescriptions in Article 19 – 2 of Consumer Protection Act, “Applicable guidelines for reasonable exceptions in business transaction activities,” ICHIE does not offer seven days of trial period for tickets to art exhibitions and performances. You as consumers are advised to carefully read the instructions and verify service content before placing the order, which should only be made when you are absolutely certain of your intent to purchase.

7.ICHIE values user privacy rights. The Website honors its policy to protect individual privacy whether you decide to sign up for membership or otherwise. Please refer to “Privacy protection policy.”

8.Intellectual property rights of all the content shown in the Service (including but is not limited to software, images, logos, technologies) belong to ICHIE. No duplication, use, modification or source code analysis is allowed without a written consent from ICHIE.

ICHIE is not held responsible if the Service is suspended or interrupted in whole or in part due to force majeure reasons or unforeseeable circumstances.
Within a legally-sound purview, ICHIE reserves the right to cancel, terminate, revise or suspend the Service, or limit your use of the Service in full or in part, should there be any unforeseeable reasons and circumstances leading to the discontinuation of the Service – including but are not limited to – tech issues, unauthorized intervention, fraudulent activities or natural calamities, resulting in damages of the Service, or affecting the operation, security, fairness, justness and reasonableness of the Service.

10.Proper Law and jurisdiction
Rules and ordinance of Taiwan serve as the Proper Law on which these terms are based and interpreted. Both parties shall resolve any disputes arising out of these terms; should there be any difference of opinions over the rights and obligations prescribed in these terms, both parties shall resolve the matters on the basis of honesty and integrity. Taipei District Court of Taiwan will govern all disputes arising out of or relating to these terms that have not been able to be negotiated, that have to be determined in court.