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Roam about the estate, spaciously sized at 600 pings, and enjoy the museum activities, the Japanese garden and Facebook check-ins at the estate’s best-kept secrets.

A breathtaking, quiet space for one-of-a-kind cultural immersion experience that encompasses history, culture, crafts, aesthetic and bioscape nestled in the depth of the mountains. Come and explore the history of the olden days, and take in the quiet beauty of the antiquated Japanese wood building: every step along the way, there’re little gems to be discovered.

The tour package consists of beautifully-restored ancient artifacts and a discourse between the revived antique crafts and the contemporaries.
It’s an experience as unique, memorable and sublime as a custom diamond jewelry piece – masterpieces of history, poetry of time.

Other services: private kitchen catering experience and custom menu design (contact us via LINE. Bookings reserved for four people or more)
* A gentle reminder to all visitors to wear socks when entering the premises, to protect the integrity of the building material.