Privacy Policy

“Ikken, Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics in Jingtong” (at (the Website hereinafter) is run by ICHIE ART LTD (ICHIE hereinafter), to ensure your peace of mind while using the various services and information made available. The Website’s privacy protection policy is detailed hereby to protect your rights and interests.
Please read the following carefully:
Applicable privacy protection policy
This privacy protection policy describes the Website’s handling and management procedure on the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data when you use our web service. This policy is not applicable to websites other than this one, and nor is it applicable to administrators not commissioned by the Website for site management.
Information we collect, management and use as you use our services
When you visit the Website or access service it offers, you will be asked to provide necessary, personal information according to the nature of the service. Your information is processed and used for that specific purpose and feature accordingly. The Website does not disclose or use your personal information for other purposes without your written consent.
The Website retains identifiers, such as your name, email address, contact information as well as duration of activity when you sign up for a member’s account, make use of the service inbox and other interactive features.
Our servers track and record your preferences across browsing sessions and activities, including IP address, activity duration, the browser used, a record of information browsed and clicked on, to improve the Website’s quality of service. The record is intended for internal use only, and nondisclosed to other services.
Data protection
The Website is powerfully built with strong security features, including a firewall and antivirus software, to continuously protect the website and your information. Only authorized personnel have access to your personal information. All the personnel involved in information management have signed a nondisclosure agreement and are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations; they may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.
Should the need arise that companies, organizations, or individuals outside of the Website have to be commissioned to offer certain services, these entities shall be asked to honor the contractual confidentiality obligations to the highest standard. Necessary review and control measures will be performed to ensure absolute obeisance.
Outside sites and services linked to the Website
You may click on other sites through the links provided by the Website. Yet if the Website’s privacy protection policies are inapplicable to those sites, you are encouraged to refer to similar privacy and data security information covered in those sites.
Policies regarding the use of personal information with third parties
The Website will not provide, distribute, lease or sell your personal information to other individuals, organizations, private entities or government agencies. These restrictions, however, do not apply to those with legal reasons or contractual obligations. The Website takes full supervision responsibility for contractors commissioned to assist with collecting, processing or using your personal information.
The aforementioned stipulation includes, but does not limit to:
1. Your written consent.
2. Express provisions of the law.
3. Events and matters that concern your rights and interests.
4. Measures that prevent life, physical, liberty or property endangerment.
5. Collaborations or partnerships with government agencies or research institutes for statistical or academic studies that would result in greater public interests; and that the information has been discreetly processed, or that the process contains no identifiers for specific individuals in the disclosure method.
6. In the event that your activity on the Website is found in violation of the service clause, that it could possibly endanger the rights of other Website users, or that it could bring harm to the rights, property or safety of anyone, the administrators of the Website shall disclose your personal information in a good-faith belief for identifying, contacting, or taking actions as required or permitted by law.
Our Website uses cookies
We use cookies to offer you a better, personalized browsing experience when you access our website; if you want to restrict or block the cookies that are set by our website, you can do so through your privacy setting and deny consent. But in so doing, you may make related features unavailable.

The use and rights of personal information
You may exercise the following rights per the provisions of Article 3 of Personal Data Protection Act:
1. The right to make an inquiry of and to review his/her personal data;
2. The right to request a copy of his/her personal data;
3. The right to supplement or correct his/her personal data;
4. The right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of his/her personal data; and
5. The right to erase his/her personal data.
You may contact the administrators of the Website and ask to exercise the aforesaid rights. The Website is entitled to charge a fee to cover necessary costs from those who make an inquiry or request to review or obtain copies of the personal data.
Changes to this policy
The privacy policy of the Website is subject to change when the needs arise. The changes in the policy will be published and updated on the Website, with a detailed description. There would be no individual notifications. Your continued use of the services provided by the Website indicates that you understand and consent to the change.

Service termination
You shall consent to the possibility that the Website is entitled to terminate the service, or part of the service, at any time, due to careful management and operating considerations, with or without notification. This is included, but not limited to, privacy policy violations and terms of service; and it can terminate account access to services provided by the Website.
Additionally, you would consent that ICHIE is not held responsible to any user or any third party for the shutdown, or deletion of any messages and documents, due to the interrupted access, or the closure of the account in the use of the Website service.