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Craftsmanship Celebrated – An Exhibition of Antique Silver Kettles

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The first large-scale antique art exposition ever held in Taiwan kicked off in the exhibition room on the third floor of Mandarin Oriental Taipei. More than 20 of the country’s most prominent antiquaries gathered in one place as they put their treasured collections on display.

“The faint trace of the gathering of elitists nonetheless, rare curios entrusted to the hands of journeymen.” — Wei Xiang of Song dynasty

The chair of this exposition, and founder of Chang’s Oriental Art, Mr. Chang Fu-chuan, noted that Taiwanese collectors’ deep love of antiques deserves more attention and encouragement, and this inspired him to host the exhibition to get the buzz going, encourage discussions, raise awareness, and revive trade activities in the antiques market.


Antique art market consists of various interests. “Antique Chinese calligraphy and painting,” “Buddhist art in Asia,” “Utensils used in the royal court,” “Collector-grade teas and Chinese eaglewood,” “Silverware maestros” and other museum-grade collectibles, creating quite a buzz in the antiques collectors’ community.


Ikken Jingtong Silver Kettles Exposition

Works by Zouroku, Nagoshi Yagorou, Nakagawa Zyoueki, Itousai Genzaburou and other maestros were on display for all to enjoy at a close-up.

Silver ions are released when silver teakettles are heated to rid the impurities, odd odors and bacteria to purify and soften the water, elevating the quality of the liquid, lending it a faintly sweet aftertaste.


According to findings by Li Shizhen, which are recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica, silver is known for its soothing qualities for the five internal organs of the body, and able to calm the heart and the mind, stop palpitations of fear, and ward off evil energies. It can ease the aging effects on the body and support longevity. The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu also notes that “It’s elegance encapsulated, cleanliness elevated. Sustained use promotes longevity and health.”


Spiritual enlightenment in the light fragrance of premium tea. A kettle of warm tea is brewed in a nature-inspired state-of-mind. The whole space is perfumed with the aroma, the steam tendrils curl into the air. The scenescape of the universe is encapsulated instantly in the small room. The unrivaled craftsmanship of the artifacts compels the viewer to marvel at the greatness of universe.

“The tea ceremony is commensurate with modern art – a form of installation art.”

“The tea culture” transcends the mere concept of “tea”: it refers to the spacescape aesthetic defined by the tea, the set, how it’s used, and the mindful solemnity observed during the ceremony. It’s all part of the tea culture.


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The brand essence of Ikken is defined by its name: “Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics.” All the utensils and appliances integral in our daily life can be an art form to enrich us. They do not necessarily have to be an ornament, or a display piece. We want them to connect with our daily comings and goings. The poetry of Tang dynasty and lyrical poetry of Song dynasty can be applied every day to beautify our experience.


Ikken: Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics in Jingtong
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