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Revisiting the Chrysanthemum Festival on Chongyang

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It was autumn of 2022. Heartfelt suggestions from my friends started to flood in. I decided to host a “One-day Block Booking for the Feast of Arts” on Chongyang Festival, after much consideration. The event explored the renovation of a historic site, a wholehearted embrace of ancient aesthetic into a modern lifestyle, and a state-of-the-art destination backyard.

“The get-together of all to celebrate the loveliness of fall in a feast, on days like these!” — Li Mi of Tang dynasty

It’s the feast of the senses – what this gorgeous ancient manor expects of us, is that we celebrate her revival. It’s the ultimate luxury experience.

Olfactory – The manor, in her entirety, is constructed with invaluable materials. Every corner is redolent with the deep, earthy fragrance of Formosan cypress and Taiwan yew.
Acoustic – The occasional percussive sound of shamisen, and the sporadic lilt of the piano, allegro.
Visual – You’ll be greeted with the murmuring streams and heavily-leafed pines when you first step into the estate. The path guides you next to the manor space for a heartfelt conversation with the antique artifacts. You’d even be pleased to find dancers gracefully twirling about, in between the feasts, featuring beautifully-plated dishes.
Taste – Delicious, culinary creations featuring seasonal produce are prepared to replenish your energy, boost your health, and revive your heart.

Docents would be in place to give you a guided tour before the feast, helping you get an insight into the historic, cultural value of the ancient manor, and the core philosophy of Ikken Jingtong. These thoughtful gestures guarantee to elevate your destination experience at the estate.

Group Tour for Added Enjoyment/Corporate/Organization Teambuilding Programs, Custom tours. Email us at service@ikken.house, or call 02-24951801