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Exploring a Thousand-year Art Heirloom

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From now on, we’d be able to access and appreciate these artistic masterpieces more so than an onsite tour.

“Ikken Antique Art and Lifestyle” has opened an “Anywhere Door” for aficionados of ancient artifacts and unravel the mystique surrounding the Tibetan culture. As the saying goes, “the smallest may hold the largest.” Luxury art book publisher, TASCHEN, combed through the inspirational substance of Tibetan art in Murals of Tibet for all to enjoy. For the first time ever, more than 200 pieces of Tibetan-Buddhism-inspired murals are curated and included in this collection, which also contains the oldest, most historically-significant paintings.

“Seeing is being there.” Don’t miss your guidebook to the otherworldly ether – Murals of Tibet, now on display at the exhibition space in Ikken Jingtong.


Location: Jingtong Street, No. 167, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (find us on Google Maps)
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* A kind reminder: please put on the white felt gloves placed by the book before flipping through the pages. Please be mindful and gentle in your handling of the book to help protect this rare gem. Thank you.