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That Instant Rapport – Passport to the Heart of Ikken’s Enchantment, First Encounter

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Ikken Jingtong wants to invite all of its friends to stop by as honored guests, and experience the beauty of oriental culture.

“The light of the mountain dapples the threshold, and the brook circles the veranda; the redolent orchids in the splendid flowerscape.” — Gu Yuncheng of Ming dynasty

Chairwoman of Olily International Group, Joy Hsu, founded Olily International Design Group in 1991, specializing in international exhibition design projects, interior design and decoration. Building upon her extensive experience with eastern and western design aesthetics, Joy felt inspired to launch “Ikken Antique Art and Lifestyle” in 2019, an eastern aesthetic brand, as she found that western values were considered mainstream in contemporary design principles, whereas Chinese cultural aesthetic had yet to be adequately acknowledged and promoted. Four years later, she established an enchanted cultural space, “Ikken: Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics in Jingtong” to progressively carry out the envisioned legacy program.

Eastern Cultural Beauty and Legacy

Joy has built an impressive collection of ancient artifacts, thanks to her gifted insight as a designer. Her collection is predominantly antique silver kettles. Wanting to encourage more people to embrace and understand eastern cultural aesthetic, then help to promote this heritage, she began to make public her private collection through “Ikken Antique Art and Lifestyle.”

Nonetheless, there remained a chasm between art pieces in window displays and the audience. Recognizing the need to switch gears, Joy began looking for another space, in hopes of encouraging more people to experience the grace and beauty of Chinese cultural in daily living.

Professional Remodelers and Renovators to Revive an Ancient Manor

Rooted in the cultural spirit of the Tang and Song dynasties – “The nostalgia is reflected in the craftsmanship of every piece; there’s a warm radiance promised in the literati aesthetic.” At last, Joy stumbled upon this breathtakingly enchanted historic site. Despite the overgrowth and weeds in the courtyards, the designers, remodelers and renovators at Olily – a professional design firm – found the fixer-upper process not at all daunting.

“Ikken Antique Art and Lifestyle” is a beautiful marriage of an ancient estate and antique art pieces. The renovated cultural venue was rebirthed as “Ikken: Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics in Jingtong.” The principle of which is to promote artifacts being the vessel of the Way, and aesthetic education for the mind-body-and-soul, inspiring visitors to immerse in the transformative power of art and culture.


Digital Audiovisual Effects to Elevate Art

The designers at Olily unleashed their digital audiovisual magic for the arts and cultural exhibition hall in the museum, and incorporated AI into art to show the transformation of an ancient manor through an incredible, 360 immersive projection mapping.

“Ikken: Where Ancient Art Meets Life Aesthetics in Jingtong” invites you to stop by, and experience the charmed beauty of eastern culture, and the allure of a Japanese-style ancient manor. Embrace antique art for a whole new life perspective. We can custom-design a tour just for you. Click here now and book a tour.