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Heritage and Timelessness

#Culture #Crafts #Aesthetic #IkkenWhereAncientArtMeetsLifeAestheticsinJingtong

“Conversation by the half-crescent moon, over a cup of fragrant tea.” — Wang Bo of Song dynasty
An ancient manor is nestled in a classically elegant Japanese courtyard.
It has been what Jingtong is known for since the 14th year of Showa, but it remains a mystery still, with few visitors…
Leave the hustle and bustle behind, and let time stand still.
Taste and sample the beauty of this quietude.
Make a date with your closest friends and journey to a modern utopia.

A mere 30-minute ride from downtown Taipei. Click here now and book a tour.

For tours of over 15 visitors, please reach out to us via LINE.