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Celebrate a Lasting Friendship with Ikken Handcrafted Soap Giftset: Ikken Jingtong Plant-based Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Bars

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Gift-giving customs can be tricky to navigate, considering the many well-defined rules in the gifting etiquette and traditions. “Giving gifts from the heart” is undoubtedly the most successful form of gifting. There are plenty of unspoken rules to consider when preparing gifts: cultural taboos, usefulness, the extent of the friendship, timing and occasion. Ikken has taken care of everything so that you can enjoy the process without a worry.

Classicism and Modernity in Fusion, Heartfelt and Sincere, Beautifully Packaged

Olily International Group has been commissioned for the design packaging of Ikken’s expertly-curated gift, “Ikken and Auspiciousness: Ikken Jingtong Plant-based Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Bars.” OCD’s veteran brand design team developed a thoughtful giftset packaging plan to highlight the spirit of eastern aesthetic – the core of Ikken’s establishment practice.

The design team based their design on classic Chinese cultural emblems and made ingenuous use of the rich and fascinating imagery of the Chinese character, giving the “鼎” a modern spin to devise a timeless tripod design: the end-result symbolizes several meanings on different levels: solidity, steadfastness, promises made and wholehearted support. They also represent the gift-giver’s good wishes for the recipient.

The giftbox features a translucent, smooth finish to suggest Ikken Jingtong’s thoughtful, well-balanced business practice. The Japanese-style manor at Ikken Jingtong is classically characterized by large, floor-to-ceiling windows to lend plenty of indoor light. The inner space is spotless, bright and warm, like a fairy tale dreamland.

▲ Ikken Jingtong, where the sun dapples through and the florets dance on the flowering bushes to the chirps of songbirds. This is how quality time should be spent.

Thoughtful packaging features that elevate the art of gift-giving

Acknowledging the name, “Jingtong,” the design team found inspirations from nature, and arranged a set of four handmade soap pieces in the shape of a luck-bringing shamrock to symbolize blessings. A small ribbon is attached on top of the giftbox for the recipient to open the package – with delight.

Besides these ingenious giftbox designs, these tripod-shaped cold process soaps allow the soap itself to stay steady until dry. You can also treat yourself to an aroma-filled massage with the legs of the tripod while showering.

The ordinary handmade soap versus handmade cold process soap

The quality of the raw material aside, handmade soaps sold on the market consist of two kinds: “hot process” and “cold process,” yet the latter costs four to five times the price of the former. Ikken’s expertly-curated cold process soaps are different from the run-of-the-mill handmade soaps.

Those conventional hot process handmade soaps are ready to use in a day or two, since they are saponified in high temperature; yet this convenience comes at the price of a reduced amount of glycerine content, hence the lower quality. The skin would soon feel uncomfortably dry and taut after use.

On the other hand, Ikken Premium Soap Bars are made with a rather lengthy cold process method. The ingredients are put through hours of nonstop supervised stirring, minus any heat, to maximize the bars’ skin-protection quality; next, the mixture is poured into a mold, left to cool and harden. After hardening, it is removed from the mold and cut into smaller cakes to air-dry. Water is drained from the mixture for the follow-up hardening and de-alkaline process, which takes at least 60 days to complete.

The soaps, despite being time-consuming to make, are top-of-the-line in quality since the essence is preserved in full; the glycerine is contained in the bar to provide sufficient moisturizing properties to keep your skin supple and smooth.

Earth-Friendly and Local

“Ikken Jingtong Plant-based Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Bars” are made on the principles of environmental friendliness and “staying local.” Natively grown plants throughout Taiwan are studied, harvested, cleaned, processed, dried, ground, and the essence extracted for the soaps. Thoughtfulness is reflected every step of the way.

The collection contains six natural, plant-based soap bars. Other than the classic items – “Shell Ginger Soap,” “Leguminosae Soap,” “Silvery Wormwood Soap” and “Spanish Thyme Soap,” two new additions are developed: “Tuber Fleeceflower Shampoo Bar” and “Organic Rose Soap Bar for Face.” Four soaps are chosen at random to create a set for a luxurious head-to-toe pampering experience.

“Rose” – news reports about residual pesticides being found on dried rose petals are heard from time to time; with that in mind, we at Ikken went to great lengths to harvest fresh roses grown organic rose garden in Taiwan, early in the morning, and refrigerate them for straight delivery to the soap-making factory. Fresh petals are extracted and added to the production process. Organic rose petals are added into the soap base with deeply-moisturizing shea butter and olive oil to ensure that all the essential oils and fragrance in the roses are extracted and preserved. Use this luxuriously aromatic soap to cleanse and moisturize your face, because you’re worth it!

“Tuber Fleeceflower” – This soap is characterized by its potent cleansing properties that target the dead cuticles in your scalp, yet it’s still gentle enough to give your hair the bounce, the shine and lightness, while strengthening the roots to prevent shedding. One small dollop goes a long way so it’s water-saving. Pamper Mother Earth and your hair health at the same time!

“Shell Ginger” – The leaves and dried fruits of shell ginger used in the soap have been found to contain amazing skin-whitening properties. Grab a shell ginger soap bar for your bath, and it’s said to increase your romantic prospects and build great connections, as if being blessed by Yue Lao – the god of marriage and love.

“Leguminosae” – This soap contains Leguminosae and tea tree oil for a diversity of use. Other than at-home bath use, you can also take one when you’re on the road. The fragrance is calming and said to ward off disasters. It also rids the body of undesirable heat properties and toxins to stave off ill luck.

“Silvery Wormwood” – The soap contains silvery wormwood and its essential oil. The light fragrance offers an all-natural bug repellent. It also replenishes one’s energy and staves off unwanted cold properties in the body to revitalize blood circulation and protect you against bad fortune.

“Spanish Thyme” – This lovely soap bar contains Spanish thyme, aloe and patchouli oil. The unique herbal fragrance is complemented by the calming aloe to refresh the mind and soul, sooth the heart and revives the spirit. It regulates the digestive system, stops inflammation and itching. The plant also suggests “luck in hand,” “the gathering of good fortune,” and “great luck and wealth” when it’s pronounced in the Taiwanese dialect.

An Offering of Respect and Sincerity – Timeless, Everlasting

Ikken’s classic giftset is practical yet fashionable, delightful and enjoyable, bringing a loving touch to your daily routine. It’s a gorgeous expression of sincerity for the recipient. We at Ikken want deluxe pampering for your skin with all-natural, premium soap bars that are healthful yet environmentally-friendly. The plant-based ingredients are toxin-free and locally sourced. It’s a gesture of genuineness and well-wishing from the heart for the recipient.

We at Ikken are committed to the handcrafted, cold-process goodness in our soaps. No chemically-processed essences are used in our products. Carefully-curated, pure plant-based essence are meticulously portioned in the soap-making process. We hope to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally with our customers in the pursuit of naturalness, healthfulness and eastern aesthetic. Your loved ones and valued partners are worth the luxurious pampering promised in Ikken’s premium soap bars, for great blessings to come!

Ikken Jingtong Plant-based Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Bars (a set of four)
Originally priced at NT$3200; enjoy a special offer of NT$2600 NOW!

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